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"Safe Schools For All"

A program of the Safe Zone Foundation.

How safe is your school?

The Safe Zone Foundation is a non-profit community organization serving Marshfield and Central Wisconsin. One of our main programs is called "Safe Schools for All," and we are collecting data from area students.

Please take some time to complete the survey below. Your answers will help develop safer schools in our community. This survey is confidential and you will remain anonymous. The information gathered through this survey will be shared with local school districts, admininstrators, teachers and other students.

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Help us make our schools and communities safer places for everyone!

What is your zip code?
What school do you attend?
What grade are you currently in?
What is your age?
What is your gender?
How safe do you feel at school?
Please check the boxes next to the words below that you feel make your school unsafe for yourself or other students.
school bullies
name calling
fighting/verbal arguments
fighting/physical contact
weapons (guns, knives, etc.)
If you checked any of the boxes above, please tell us more about your own personal experiences at school that made you or other students feel unsafe. For example, if you indicated "school bullies" make you feel unsafe, please tell us what you have seen or heard in your school that makes you think this is a problem that needs to be addressed.
Which students are most likely to be harrassed, teased, or threatened at your school?
In general, how tollerant or accepting is your school of students who might be viewed as being "different" because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, physical appearance (height/weight), and disability?
What is your school's general attitude toward gay, lesbian and bisexual students?
What are your personal feelings about gay. lesbian and bisexual students at your school?
Please tell us about any personal experiences or general observations that you have about your school, classmates, and teachers in regard to school safety and the treatment of students who are seen as "different."
Do you feel that your school would benefit from a program like "Safe Schools for All" which helps students end discrimination and harrassment at school and also learn skills like anger management and conflict resolution?
Would you participate in after-school programs and projects to help make your school a safer place for all students?

For more information about the "Safe Schools for All" program and the Safe Zone Foundation, please visit our website!

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